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#GameDayEve Richmond Kickers Edition

Tomorrow, Wilmington Hammerheads FC will play Richmond Kickers for the third and final time of this season (unless, of course, the two sides end up meeting again in the playoffs). Both of the previous games between these two teams have ended in draws, and they've both been very enjoyable to watch. In fact, I'd even go as far to say that Richmond is my favorite team in the league to watch the Hammers play. I've already given general facts about the Kickers on #GameDayEve on Twitter, so I'll just give a brief update before we take a trip in a time machine Wilmington is sixth and Richmond is second Willis, the GK that played in previous games for Richmond, has been recalled by D.C. United The Hammerheads will also have a different roster than before because there have been recalls, national team call ups, releases, suspensions,new loans, and new signings Wilmington is coming off of a 2-0 loss to the Charlotte Eagles Richmond is coming off of a 2-1 win against the Har

My Last Game

My Last Game By Richard Bauer July, 2013. I was about to be 35 years old. I was 2 weeks off from a major knee injury that went undiagnosed. By undiagnosed I mean I couldn’t see a doctor for another month since my insurance was yet to be activated. It was the championship game of an indoor soccer Co-ed Sunday afternoon rec league. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a big deal. Hindsight being 20/20, losing the game 9-5 was proof that I should have just sat that one out. I didn’t fight the good fight. I know. I gave away the ending to the story. More insight? I played that entire game as a goalie with a torn ACL and meniscus in my right knee. Surgery and months of rehab later have me a year away from that game and that time. I reflect now on those 46 minutes of running clocked halves. And the one word that made me get up that day and go play. Passion. I firmly believe I found the love for the sport way too late in life. I always joked with myself that in my yo

#GameDayEve Arizona United SC Edition

#GameDayEve will be a regular feature before Wilmington Hammerheads FC Games. This is the same #GameDayEve that @trynafindaname used to post on Twitter. Hammerhead News Manu Aparicio is currently in Northern Ireland representing Canada in the Milk Cup The other TFC loanees went back to Toronto to participate in a friendly against Tottenham, and Jordan Hamilton scored a goal! You can watch his post-match interview here Quillian Roberts was named USL PRO player of the week Wilmington Hammerheads FC Arizona United FC Standings 6 th 11 th Record 6-2- 7 6- 9 -4 Last Three Games     Hammerheads                                           Arizona Orlando 2-0 Hammers                          Orange County 1-2 Arizona Harrisburg 0-0 Hammers                      OKC 1-1 Arizona Rochester 1-0 Hammers                       Orange County 0-3 Arizona   Arizona News On Wednesda

Wilmington Hammerheads FC Double Header

This past week has been a very eventful one for Wilmington Hammerheads FC complete with one national team call-up and two new players, all topped off with a double header. Sunny Jane has been invited back to Lesotho’s national team to compete against Kenya in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, and he won’t be back until August. The Hammerheads signed a midfielder named Marc Godelman. Godelman played for the Hammers earlier this season in friendlies against Toronto FC and Myrtle Beach Mutiny. Wilmington Hammerheads FC also made use of a new defender on loan from TFC.  These additions to the roster were a relief going into last weekend’s first double header of the season because there are several injuries at the moment, and, especially when playing back to back games, it’s best for teams to have more options than less. Now let’s get to the really fun stuff.  The Hammerheads stopped first in Harrisburg to play the City Islanders. Both teams had six shots, and i