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Exploring the Sideline Shindig: Soccer Beach Bros

by Marissa Blackman Soccer has kickstarted an entire industry of entertainment and fashion. Sideline Shindig is all about that industry. Soccer is the main attraction, but the beautiful of art and entertainment that surrounds the game is much like a party. That notion is what inspired the name of this blog Freestyling is one of the many facets of the soccer-based entertainment industry. Countless people around the world have worked to make freestyling the art form that it is today. Freestyling has become a sport of its own. There are international freestyle competitions and professionals who have made a career of this art that stems from soccer. The SoccerBeachBros, Wilmington's own group of soccer skill artists, have been gaining worldwide attention for their amazing tekkers. They currently have over 6,000 followers.  Q: How did you guys get into freestyling? A:   I wouldn't say we necessarily practice freestyle in our free time. We are all just naturally

Kick'n'Run- Worth a Play

When it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo, the major news story of the day centers around the Euro title that he and his native Portuguese squad have claimed only hours ago. In less important but still totally entertaining news, he has recently released a free mobile game called Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick'n'Run. Despite the strange name, the Subway Surfers-esque game is rather decent. If you've played Subway Surfers, you can definitely master this game pretty quickly. The game's plot involves Cristiano in Paris. After doing trick shots in the middle of the famous city for his adoring, CR7 sign-toting fans, Ronaldo races through the streets of Paris with a ball at his feet. He faces obstacles such as buses and a pesky defender with a level ending slide tackle. There are multiple modes of play, including endless, where you can keep on playing even if you loose, and 1v1, where you can battle other players. Does anyone want to play me?