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#UnfollowManUnited movement shows how social media has changed the relationship between fans and there favorite clubs

Manchester United fans are angry about the way things are happening at their beloved club, and they are using social media to show it. There is a growing movement encouraging Manchester United fans to temporarily unfollow the club on all social media accounts. A quick scan of the #UnfollowManUnited hashtag reveals the varied reasons for it. Historically, the club has won 62% of all Premier League matches. This season, the club has only won 51% of Premier League games. Although the later statistic would be applauded at many a smaller club, Manchester United fans have come to expect nothing short of excellence from the club with a long history of victory. Clearly, this hashtag is about more than the club's poor form. Fans are not happy with the way the club is being run. Many Manchester United faithful took great umbrage to the fact that the club made an Instagram post about a sock sale while fans are fuming over the club's extremely likely sixth place finish. Players tran