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The fifth Wilmington Hammerheads FC match of the season is complete. The Hammerheads were defeated 2-1 by longtime rival the Charleston Battery, but the true story of the match is deeper than the score. Of course, goals are the biggest factors of the story. The two Charleston goals came within four minutes of each other before the thirty minute mark. The first goal was scored by Kevin Prince off of an assist from Maikel Chang. There were no Hammerheads to stop Prince after Chang sent him the ball. The second goal was not as easy. There were several players from both sides in the box. Although the Hammerheads did not make it as easy for the Battery the second time, Maikel Change was left with enough open space, for a split second, to slot in another for the Battery. The Hammerheads scored in the second half from a corner kick. Ashani Fairclough was the one to put it in the net. From my perspective, the Hammerheads kept most of the possession, but possession does not necessarily

No Roster Worries Here

by Marissa Blackman The Hammerheads played two matches this weekend, and I was only able to watch the second half of the last one. Rather than pretend I actually know what saying  and try to talk about what happened during the games, I’m just going to note something I observed. I thought it was very wise of Carson Porter to allow most of the starters from Friday’s Richmond game to rest today. When I read that seven loans had been sent from NYCFC, my initial thought was worry. I was worried about what kind of chemistry a team with seven new additions would have. I had no reason to worry! Two goals were scored in the first half, not to mention the fact that several Redbull attempts were either blocked before they reached the goal or saved by Andre Rawls, so it’s safe to say they played well together. In the second half, my fears were dispelled even more. Most, if not all, of the substitutions, happened in the second half. Each time a new player entered the field, they worked

#GameDayEve Richmond Kickers Edition

by Marissa Blackman The Hammerheads and the Kickers meet again. Just two weeks after the Hammerhead’s home opener against Richmond, the Wilmington club will travel up to City Stadium for the second match in the three game series between the two clubs. Since the two clubs last played each other, both teams had one match. Wilmington drew 1-1 against Charlotte Independence while Richmond drew 1-1 against Louisville City FC. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must note that this occurrence only solidifies my theory that Richmond is the most evenly matched competitor for Wilmington. The two teams are so similar! Neither of these clubs are horrible or significantly better than the other. For the second time this season, spectators have the treat of watching two worthy opponents battle for ninety minutes. The last time these two teams played, there were only twenty two minutes between the second Hammerheads goal and the first Kickers goal when it was easy to predict a

#GameDayEve Charlotte Independence Edition

by Marissa Blackman Today, the Wilmington Hammerheads will play against Charlotte Independence for the first time ever. Both teams have only played one regular season game so far. The Hammerheads drew  2-2 with Richmond Kickers, and the Independence lost 2-3 to Charleston Battery. While Charlotte Independence may be new to USL, there is nothing new about the club's roster. Several of the Independence players have experience in both USL and MLS. This week the Hammerheads signed  a new goal keeper named Andre Rawls The Hammerheads are dealing with injury woes at the moment with several player being unavailable. This is no cause for Hammerheads fans to worry. Fortunately, the squad is deep enough to make up for these absences. With the exception of Sunny Jane, who was injured during the season opener, all of these players were injured prior to the first match. The team on the field last week was capable of dominating the Kickers for at least a portion of the match and scoring