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What a Game! #WILvNY

by Marissa Blackman Tonight Wilmington Hammerheads FC and New York Red Bulls II put on an amazing show. Both teams were relentless, and the disallowed goals and endless slew of corner kicks and free kicks added to the drama. In the first half, both clubs clearly expressed their disdain for the referees perceived missed calls. By the end of the half, emotions ran so high that play became rather messy. The two teams were still consistent enough to keep each other at bay despite the circumstances. The goal machine that is New York Red Bulls II struck again in fifty ninth minute. The Hammerheads made several attempts throughout the half to rectifiy the score. Some of the shots were extremely close and others were completely missed opportunities. The most notable attempt to equalize happened in stoppage time. Bruno Perone successfully maneuvered through the crowded box to score a goal, but it was controversially disallowed by the referee. An earlier Red Bulls goal that would hav

#GameDayEve NYRB II Edition

by Marissa Blackman Tomorrow’s game between Wilmington Hammerheads FC and New York Red Bulls II will be a battle for eastern conference dominance. The two clubs have both been relatively successful in their respective seasons so far. Both clubs have achieved wins in fifty percent of the matches played and have managed to keep a goals against average of less than one. New York Red Bulls II sits in second place of the eastern conference table, and Wilmington Hammerheads FC sits in third. There are three patterns involving the two clubs that could have an influence of tomorrow’s match. The Hammerheads have been fielding a slightly more consistent squad than NYRB II. Ten Hammerheads have appeared in all four of the clubs matches and John Smits, Bruno Perone, and Mael Corboz have played for ninety minutes every time. Six Red Bulls have played in all four matches, and Brandon Allen and Derrick Etienne have gone for ninety minutes in every match. Players tend to work better tog

Persistence Pays Off #WILvMTL

by Marissa Blackman This afternoon, Wilmington Hammerheads FC faced FC Montreal for this first time of the season. The result was a 2-0 victory with goals spread evenly between the halves. In the first half, the Hammerheads were certainly in control, but Montreal wasn't completely ignorable either. Qudus Lawal scored in the sixth minute. In addition to creating chances in open play, the Hammerheads also made the most of opportunities from corner kicks. The team collectively showed tenacity by persisting in trying to salvage goals even after the initial attempts from corners were foiled. One aspect of the first half that was especially memorable was the quality of the shots taken. There were no haphazard attempts. Every shot was beautiful and feasible. Many of the shots that were missed were so skillful that they elicited cheers from the crowd. In the second half, the Hammerheads lost some of their earlier potency. Although Montreal played with an increased sense of

#GameDayEve 2016 FC Montreal Edition

by Marissa Blackman The 2016 Wilmington Hammerheads FC campaign continues tomorrow with a match at home against FC Montreal. The two clubs are separated by four points, and FC Montreal has completed one less match than the Hammerheads. Although FC Montreal's season is certainly getting off to a slow start, the season is still too fresh to label the club as easy competition. Wilmington Hammerheads FC has had strong moments throughout each game this season, but, with one of each possible result, it is also too early in the season to predict undoubted victory for Wilmington. Here are some stats about both clubs: FC Montreal sits in thirteenth place with two losses in two games. Although the Canadian club has played different rosters in its two games, three players, Janouk Charbonneau, Kyle Fisher, and Michael Salazar, have all played for the full length of both matches. Two different goalies, Maxime Crepeau and David Paulmin, have played for ninety minutes in each match. FCM has o