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I Love Lampard Now More Than Ever

In this game people move on and as a supporter, you eventually get over it. I'm over Mata. I'm over Luiz. I''ll even say that I'm happy for both of them. But not Frank Lampard. I'm not over him because it's like he never left. It's like he's still a Blue, and I'm not talking that sky blue Manchester color either.

The fact that the Chelsea crowd gave him.a standing ovation...who else would that happen for? A player like Lampard you just can't forget.

 He reminded me of why today. Sure, he's incredibly good at what he does. So are a whole lot of other players. Lampard is a true profesional. He is extremely classy. By scoring that goal, he did what he had to do for the people who pay him, but then he did something incredibly respectful for the people who still love him...He didn't celebrate. Frank Lampard, you put a smile on the face of two groups of supporters today. What a game!

-Marissa Blackman


Rissy Santos Luiz FC Press Release

We at the club have noted that today's eventful press conference involving Coach Blackman and the chairman of our board of directors has caused quite a commotion. We've decided to release our account of what happened so that our fans can know the truth. Honestly, it's pretty much as bad as you've heard, but we just want you to hear it from us. Here are  the questions asked along with the coach's answers.

What's been going on with this club in the past month?

Things are going here at Rissy Santos Luiz FC. Things aren't going badly per say, but the could be going so much better. 

Did you ever make a decision about Olivier Giroud?

I know, I was all #GiroudOut last time I spoke with the media, but I didn't go through with it. Why not? I told the board it was because I really believed in his potential, but honestly it was because I forgot to make the transfer. Nevertheless, the decision (oversight but let's not be particular) proved to be a good one …

A Wonderful Season

LET'S GO HAMMERS by Marissa Blackman Sacramento Republic FC was undoubtedly the better team last night and they won 4-1 because of it. The Hammerheads were never in control, but things were looking pretty hopeful for those few minutes when the score was equalized after Ochoa's goal. There are already plenty of articles on the Internet detailing the game, so I'm not going to do that.

Instead, let's focus on this entire season. It has been a roller coaster ride. There have been incredible highs and crushing lows. I have to say though, I've really enjoyed the ride. I've been going to Hammerheads games throughout my childhood, but since I wrote about them this season, I've followed them this year more closely than ever. I actually kept up with the other teams in the league and I really watched matches rather than just attending them. Strangely enough, this season, the one where I was supposed to be least biased, I became more of a Hammerheads fan t…

Hammerheads Make the Playoffs

This is the end of the road for the Hammerheads regular season. Wednesday night was the last home game. The atmosphere was perfect, if I do say so myself. Although the day had been a boiling, muggy mess, the weather cooled down right before the game, so it was delightfully cool in the stadium.

The game certainly was not boring. Both teams had heart-thumpingly close chances. Man of the Match Brad Stuver filled the game with stunning saves. Both teams put in a significant amount of work, but neither scored, which was perfectly fine because neither team really needed to in that particular game.

Tonight, Friday, was the game where things really mattered. The Hammerheads played the Dayton Dutch Lions, a team that is already eliminated from the playoffs. A win for Wilmington would mean clinching a playoff position. A win for Dayton would mean the first(and last) home victory of the season.

There was never any question in my mind that the Hammerheads would win this game. The starting lineup …