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My Suarez Knee

by Marissa Blackman
The weather is historically cold, and ironically it's almost just as cold in this classroom- the very classroom that was unbearably balmy regardless of the weather at the beginning of the semester. 
I don't mean to sound geriatric, but this unrelenting coldness is really making my knee ache. (Pause. Let me make eye contact with the teacher. Now a long glance at the projector screen. I've been "taking notes" for a little too long) 

Less than a year ago, my knee wouldn't be hurting this way. (I just tuned back into the lecture. The teacher is very far off topic, and this tangent seems to be a long one. A few more minutes of "note taking" won't impact my grade. I promise I really am a diligent student!)

It was about this time last year when I started falling for him- Luis Suarez. Crazy, right? I've never been a Liverpool supporter but ever since the riveting mini series Being Liverpool I haphazardly keep up with the club. B…