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Getting To Know the Roughnecks

Tulsa Roughnecks FC is one of the six new teams that will be joining USL PRO in 2015. In case you were wondering, the name Roughnecks refers to oil rig workers. This is of local significance because Tulsa is nicknamed The Original Oil Capital of the world. I was very surprised to learn that Tulsa Roughnecks FC is not a new club at all. This is actual a revival of a team with a long rich, history . The original Roughnecks competed in the NASL from 1978-1984. This was the heyday of the NASL back when legends like Franz Beckenbauer were involved and just a season after Pele retired. After the first game, the Roughnecks began pulling in crowds in the tens of thousands. Right after winning the soccer bowl (the championship of the NASL) in 1983, the team hit some serious financial problems. Fundraising by a local radio station kept the club going, but at the end of the lackluster ’84 season the Roughnecks ended. Now, the Roughnecks are back! The club’s colors are orange and navy b