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Hammerheads Season Nearing It's End

This Thursday was probably one of the best nights of the Hammerheads season as far as home games. The only other games that came close were back in May against Charleston(the first home win) and Pittsburgh(a 5-1 win at home). Why was it such a good night. Well, to put a ninety minute story into a few words, the Hammerheads won...3-1...against the league leading team Orlando.

Tonight Wilmington Hammerheads FC played Sacramento Republic FC for the second time this season. The first time was just last Wednesday when Sacremento got a 2-0 victory at home. In the first half, Sacramento had way more chances than the Hammerheads. A couple of those chances were extremely close to goals, but, through a combination of Sacremento' s lack of accuracy and Brad Stuver' s great saving ability, nothing went in.

The second half was the Hamerhead's turn to get extremely close to scoring. Throughout the entire game both teams kept interrupting each other's plays, and neither …

Busy Week For the Hammerheads

What an eventful week this has been for Wilmington Hammerheads FC!

The title race in this league is extremely close, and several teams are sitting just a few points away from each other. This means that every game for a team that hasn't yet earned a spot in the playoffs is crucial and could be the difference between making it or not. This week the Hammerheads, who are in serious need of points, had three matches in the span of five days. That kind of schedule is brutal, especially with every game having such high stakes. Considering the circumstances, all the games were sure to be exciting.

There's been lots of action off the field too. The Hammerheads utilized two new loans. Corben Bone is from Philadelphia Union and Mark-Anthony Kaye is from Toronto FC.

That's not all. At the beginning of the week, it was announced that long time head coach David Irving stepped down. For as long as I've known the Hammerheads existed (and actually for about as long as I've been…

Barclays Premier League 14-15 Season Preview

Barclays Premier League 14/15 Preview by Brandon Addeo
It is time to embark on this journey once more, the 9 month 38 game marathon known as the Barclays Premier Legue. After 3 months of impatiently wating, football fans from around the world can rejoice as we are now less than 24 hours away from that first kickoff. All the action, drama, excitement of the beautiful game are nearly back with us once more. The finest league in the world starts its 2014-2015 season on August 16th, a date which couldn't come soon enough. Glorty will be had by some, despair by other. Underdogs will challenges the stron, and new stars will emerge. As always, this year's title race looks just as contested as ever. Anything can happen in the BPL, but let's look at the league going into the season.
Candidates for the Top 4:
Arsenal- The North London club (and also my favorite club) look to be strong contenders this season. All personal bias aside, the Gunners truly look better going into this season …


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