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Hammerheads Off to a Good Start

by Marissa Blackman Many people mistakenly equate the result of a draw with a boring game. Tonight’s match between the Wilmington Hammerheads and the Richmond Kickers is exhibit A in the case to prove those people wrong. As Cody Arnoux said, “I think our first half performance was a little bit better than the second.” Both Hammerheads goals, scored by Troy Cole and Justin Moose in minutes nine and eighteen respectively, occurred in the first half. Wilmington had a pretty decent attempt on goal within the first few minutes. While possession was not completely one sided, the Hammers seemed to keep more of it in the first half. Both Richmond goals happened close to half time. The first one, scored by Robinson, came in the 41 st minute, and the second, scored by Delicate came in the 51 st . At least for a spectator, 2-2 is not a bad score line.  The best part of the game in my opinion was the last ten to twenty minutes. It was crunch time, and both teams only needed one goa

Exploring the Sideline Shindig

Part 1: Jimmy Conrad by Marissa Blackman The sport of soccer has kickstarted an entire industry of entertainment, fashion, art, and all other forms of expression. Sideline Shindig is all about that industry. While I certainly do love soccer in it’s simplest form, the sport itself, I also love everything else that comes from it. Soccer is the main attraction, but all the “extras” sustain my entertainment. The entertainment industry that has stemmed from this sport involves so much more than the game itself. There are entire news shows, such ESPN FC, dedicated to the game. There are soccer related clothing lines. There are freestylers like the F2 Freestylers. Then we have the game of FIFA. There are people who have made a career from playing a video game! There are impressionists, paradoies, and I'm really just scratching the surface here. The thought behind the names of this blog is that being a spectator of soccer is so much fun that it’s like a party- a Sideline Shindi

Since Last Season

A brief synopsis of events regarding the Wilmington Hammerheads that have occurred since last season. By Marissa Blackman Temperatures have shifted from arctic to comfortable. Bees are back to buzzing, flowers are back to blooming, and USL is back! It’s been less than a year since last season ended, but much has happened with the Hammerheads and with USL itself. WHFC is in the midst of preseason. The club has already suffered two defeats (WHFC lost 2-1 to UNCW and 4-0 to Seoul E-Land FC of the Korean K-League). The final preseason match, against UNC Chapel Hill, takes place this Saturday. At the end of last season, Carson Porter, at the time newly appointed technical director, was acting as interim head coach in the absence of David Irving. It was thought that the club would search for a permanent head coach during the off-season, but Porter has since been announced as the official head coach. (There was a similar change in management within the USL itself. Tim Holt re