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All Things NYCFC

by Marissa Blackman If you pay any attention to the Hammerheads, you must have heard the news already. It was even on the local 12:00 news. WILMINGTON HAMMERHEADS FC IS OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED WITH NEW YORK CITY FC!!! This means a lot, but one thing keeps flashing through my mind. If the Hammerheads host a friendly with its new affiliate, big name players like David Villa, Mix, Diskerud, etc. could be in Legion Stadium. I'm pretty hyped about this news, and I've spent way more time than I should have on the NYCFC website. Here's a little bit of basic information about the club: Jason Kries, the former Real Salt Lake coach who almost won the MLS cup not too many years ago, is the Head Coach. The club is owned by the New York Yankees and Manchester City FC, and will play home games in Yankee Stadium. Former USMNT midfielder Claudio Reyna is the Director of Football. While there are several unofficial supporter groups for the club, the official one is called The Third