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Silly Season Sadness

I just found this poem that I wrote last winter. Since today is transfer deadline day, what better time to post it.

Silly Season Sadness

You just read the news

 It was so shocking you spit out your food

 Your favorite player is moving on

 Bon voyage 

Believe it or not, he's gone 

You call him a money grubbing glory hunting 

Disloyal no good piece of something

 But it's only because your mad

 Truthfully you're just slightly happy for him

 The lad's come far, done good for himself 

But you'd never admit that 

Push those feelings down 

Disregard them 

You want to rant 

You want to fuss 

Even though, honestly, you would've done the same 

To you it's a game, but you know it's really a business 

It's about profits, losses, and making money in the end 

Where is he going? That club? 

What a shame! 

He's taken a step down, you say

 But look at his pay 

He got a promotion 

You can't fault him for that

 So you move onto another notion 

He says he needed more time on the pitch 

If he just hung on another season, the gaffer would've surely given him a minute or two 

You know that's not true 

Your club moved on first 

He did too

And admit it now or later... 

So will you

 It's the sad, awful truth 

There will be others 

By the season's start, 

He won't be the pain aching your heart 

You might always remember him, 

But you will forget 

As soon as the next new boy steps on the pitch


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